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Anton Knight Fine Art Gallery is an online gallery and resource for artists of all backgrounds who want a platform to exhibit their work and reach a global audience. The gallery offers artists the opportunity to submit work in various mediums. In a world where travel restrictions and access to art are increasingly limited, we seek to create a space for artists to build their careers with professional experience.


Anton Knight Fine Art Gallery began as a curious space that explored the new identity of Quebec City and the direction that art was taking in the various mediums that exist. Then, we expanded our vision to frame as many artists as possible, mainly emerging, by promoting their artworks. We also have as a principle to sell their works by taking only a small percentage.


The art gallery tries to organize different activities to give greater visibility to the artists to flesh out their resume. The submission fees will cover the costs of running the website. The gallery will also offer financial rewards to artists. We are currently offering prizes of an amount chosen according to the activity.

Anton Knight Fine Art Gallery engages minds to realize a vibrant community.

Anton Knight Fine Art Gallery fosters community engagement with art through exhibitions, programs and collections.

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His name is Antoine Therrien (ANTON KNIGHT).

 I am a multidisciplinary artist who mainly uses visual arts such as film, photography, art video and performance. 

Visual art is for me an exploration, a quest to capture abstract elements of everyday life. I attach importance to natural light, color, shapes, textures and movements.

He was born in 1989 in Quebec, Canada. Knight obtained his film prodcution diploma from ECTQ (Quebec School of Cinema and Television) in 2014. 

He currenly lives and works in Quebec. 

His main disciplines include photography, video, artistic installation, performance and writing of stories and poetry. Everyday objects and phenomena are a great source of inspiration for his work, which he transforms into poetic imagery. Anton Knight has received numerous awards and exhibitions for his films and photographs in various courses, magazines and film festivals.